We are Saints Gaming.
A Gaming Community.

We play many games from World of Warcraft to Grand Theft Auto 5.
Join us on Teamspeak and come play!

Games We Play

World of Warcraft

We play on realms Mal’Ganis-Horde & Wyrmrest Accord-Alliance.

Grand Theft Auto V

While we do play GTA: Online from time to time we are currently waiting on the Multiplayer mod GTA: Network to finish and the FiveRP server to be released.

Garry's Mod

If we are playing this generally it’s on a Dark-RP server and with Vythrin (Zach).

Looking to Play

The games listed here are just a few of the games we play more frequently. We are always on the lookout for new games to get into if you have any suggestion hop on Teamspeak and let us know!